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2021 Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series Rules and Directions

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a major concern early in 2021, we've had to cancel two of our Series races and will be following strict COVID-19 guidelines to host our remaining events safely.  Races will be a hybrid in 2021, allowing runners to race safely with others on race day while also allowing runners to complete the race course and submit their times during the week following the race date.  Please see the following DWTS race rules and directions for clarification:

1.  Racers will start on race day in waves of 25 or fewer runners.  Runners will be assigned a 15 minute period and will start any time within that 15 minute period as soon as they are ready to go. Wave assignments are based on when runners register.  The first 25 registered will be in the first wave start and so on.  If you want an early wave start, register early!

2. There will be no race bibs, packet pick up or pre-race briefing. There will be no indoor facilities open for runners to gather in. Arrive at the race ready to run, stay in your vehicle until you're ready to go, go to the Start/Finish line and then run your race.  Once your race is over, return to your vehicle to reduce congestion at the start/finish line.  We really do want to give you all hugs and hang out, but we're not quite there yet!  

3. Race courses will be marked on race day until afternoon of the following day.  Course markings will be taken down in the afternoon the day after race day.  GPS track files and maps are available on our website for runners wanting to run the race on an unmarked course the week following race day.  Click on the link on the bottom right of the map you're looking at to go to where you can download the GPX file for the course.  

4. Runners will self time their race from the starting line and then self-report on UltrasignupYou must submit your results to UltraSignup via the Self Reporting option.  If you fail to self report you will not be in the final results.  You should receive a reminder email to self-report after the race.  Also, go to our event Strava page to upload and post your GPS file.  Be sure to join our Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series Strava Club so you can post your results and see who participated.  Post a photo on Strava of you with your finish results.  Strava is easy to join and you can use it even if you don't have a GPS smartwatch.  As long as you join the Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series Strava Club, your results will automatically be seen on the Club page.  That's why it's important you join the Club if you plan to use Strava as evidence of your race finish.  As long as you have a smartphone and the Strava app, you can carry your phone with you and record your GPS file and time/distance with your phone using Strava.  Strava can be your timing device for self reporting your race time on Ultrasignup as well.

5. Runners will be able to run the course on their own at any time during the week following the race date and self-report their time to Ultrasignup. Course markings will be left up all day and taken down in the afternoon of the following day. Runners can run the course after course markings are taken down by following the maps and GPS files provided on our website.

Even if you don't have a GPS watch or smartphone with Strava app, you may still participate in the hybrid Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series races without using Zoom or Strava.  In this case, make sure when you're done to log on to your computer and enter your results on the UltraSignup self reporting page.  Try to find some documentation (a watch or other documentation) to prove you completed what you reported.   If you don't have a computer, then you never saw this message.  However, a site like Strava will be the only way to prove that you covered the actual course.  Unusual times without Strava proof will likely result in disqualification from the results.

6.  Course will be marked with pink flagging clipped to trees and bushes and some pin flags with pink flagging.  We will try to mark all corners and junctions very clearly.  Also, please consult and study the race maps so you understand the route before starting your race.  We will not be using pink painted arrows in the snow this year as we have in years past.  

7. There will be one race shirt for the series. You can pick up your race shirt at your first race in the series on race day. If you can't pick up your race shirt on race day, you can pick one up at our place. Just coordinate with us and let us know when you're coming to pick it up.

8.  You will be required to wear a mask when at the Start/Finish line around other runners.  You must carry the mask with you at all times during the race and wear it in cases where you can't physically distance adequately (at least 6 feet).  Race directors will be on site on race day for the duration of the wave starts.  If you are not wearing a mask at the Start/Finish line, you will be asked to leave.  

9.  If you're feeling ill at all, exhibiting any Covid-19 symptoms, or have been exposed to someone with Covid-19, please stay home.

10.  No spectators at the Start/Finish line.  We are trying to reduce congestion and keep the runners safe.

11.  There most likely will not be porta potties at the race start so please arrive at the race start "ready to run."

*Please note that the Chester Rim 5K race time has been changed to 8:00 a.m.

* Please note that there has been a slight change to the Chester Rim 5K course.  Consult the new race map and GPS file.

We'll be updating the race rules and directions as necessary.  Please check back for any changes or see our facebook page for updates.  Thanks!

COVID-19 Update - November 20, 2020

Hello runners, we just want to give you a heads up about where the Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series is at with our Winter 2020-21 race planning. We have just postponed our Chester Rim 5K from December 19 to January 23, 2021. With the current order to suspend activities due to the pandemic, all races are also suspended until December 18. Whether that order will be extended left too much uncertainty for our December 19 race. We are still working out the format for our race series this winter and are working with the City of Duluth on the permitting process. We are considering a "pop up" format for the Winter Series races this winter which would provide a marked course for an extended period of time (from a full day to perhaps a full weekend) for runners to "pop in" run the race and then record their times. This process is still being worked out with the City and no approval has yet been granted for this format or our series. We will only go forward if we believe we can host these events safely and responsibly. At present, the COVID situation is dire and we need to do all we can to help slow the spread. Thus we'll be postponing our first race and re-evaluating the way forward. While we believe our proposed format would be extremely safe, we need to be sure and we need approval from the City. Also, our proposed format would not allow us to run the Wild Winter Wipeout at Spirit Mountain, so that race has been canceled for this winter. Please stay tuned and we will try to keep you updated at we receive more information.

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