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Race Series Scoring

The Duluth Winter Trailrunning Series will keep track of scoring for the 5 events in the series to determine overall Men's and Women's Series Champions at the end of the series.  We'll track the points scored for everyone attempting to run all 5 events in the series.  All runners that finish a series race will accrue points.  Since we only have 2 events that include snowshoe races, the series scoring will include snowshoe finish times in the place they would have been in the trail race.  Snowshoe racers times will be included in the trail running race results and scored accordingly.  Northwoods and Frozen 4/5K will be considered 2 events.  The marathon and 4 Hour events will score higher than the corresponding half marathon and 5K events.  The scoring system may be imperfect, but this is the system we will be using for the series.

Series Points (Chester Rim 5K, Northwoods Half Marathon, Wild Winter Wipeout 5K, Hartley Park 10K, Frozen 5K):

1st = 55 Points

2nd = 50

3rd = 45

4th = 40

5th = 35

6th = 30

7th = 25

8th = 20

9th = 15

10th = 10

11th and up = 5

Series Points (Northwoods Marathon, Frozen 4 Hour):

1st = 75

2nd = 70

3rd = 65

4th = 60

5th = 55

6th = 50

7th = 45

8th = 40

9th = 35

10th = 30

11th and up = 10

Please go to the Results page to view the Series Standings

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