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Frozen 4 Hour Race Rules

The objective of the 4 Hour race remains the same under our 2021 COVID Rules and Guidelines.  However, with wave starts and self-timing, you can continue to run the 5K course until the 4 hours is up.  Just stop your watch at exactly 4 hours and record whatever distance you have achieved in that 4 hours.  Be sure to stop your watch at 4 hours so you don't continue to accumulate distance.  Self-report your distance to Ultrasignup.  No need to use the short secondary loop this year.  Simple as that! 

You can use your vehicle or a physically distanced set up for aid on each lap.  We will likely have a porta-pottie for runners to use on race day as there will likely be no access to the chalet due to COVID.

1.  The objective of the Frozen 4 Hour is to complete as many laps/miles as you can in 4 hours on the designated course.

2.  The race begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00 p.m.

3.  The course will consist of a 5K primary loop and .5 mile secondary loop.

4.  You must complete at least one full 5K loop to qualify for an official result.

5.  You can take as many breaks as you want, for as long as you want, but you must enter and exit the course only at the start/finish area at Lester-Amity chalet.

6.  For the first 3 hours of the event, you will use the 5K primary loop.

7.  In the last hour of the event, you may switch over to the .5 mile secondary loop.  You may still continue to use the 5K primary loop in the last hour of the event, but you will only get credit for your distance covered if you fully complete the 5K loop in the allotted 4 hour time limit.  If you go out on a 5K loop and do not return to the start/finish line before the 4 hours is up, you will not get credit for the partial 5K loop.

8.  If you choose to use the secondary .5 mile loop in the last hour, there will be markers every .1 mile on the shorter secondary loop.  You will get credit for each .1 mile completed on the secondary loop.  For instance, if you pass the .1 mile mark on your last loop before the 4 hour time limit expires but do not make it to the .2 mile mark, you will get credit for that .1 mile covered.  Also, once you start on the shorter secondary loop, you will not be able to return to the longer primary loop.

9.  A horn will sound when the 4 hour time limit expires at 1 p.m.  You will return and let the timers know what tenth of a mile you completed on the last lap (.1, .2, .3, .4).  5/10th of a mile will be a complete secondary loop and you will be at the start/finish line at that point.  Timers should be able to see runners on the secondary loop from the start/finish line.

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